Being in the agency business for a while we thought it was time to take a close look at our studio’s sales process or a lack thereof and spruce things up. We recognized a crucial cue/signal to assess our leads and identifying this cue early on has saved us countless hours.

Coming straight to the point —
We have reassessed our qualifiers for vetting leads and a big one amongst those is whether they have any intuitive sense of how design works and how it might help their cause.

We have submitted ourselves to the notion that for those cases where design isn’t understood deeply we shall move on and invest that time with leads where a nuanced and a richer conversation can take place.

We recognize that not every business owner or founder is aware of how design functions and neither do we expect the same, though there are many…

No rush. Have patience. Align your compasses, then make the dash and make sure you don’t run out of cash. This piece talks to founders and project owners launching new products & services and that burning question that always gets overlooked in the initial rush and excitement. TL;DR at the end.

New ideas and failure rates

This experiment has been running for a while now, far and wide, and the reports are clear. Most startups fail! Whether it’s a new initiative in an established company, a tech startup, or projects in the FMCG space, failure rates are pretty much the same.

Why is that the case?

The teams are building products & services which no one would even bat an eye for and they simply run dry of cash in an attempt to figure this out.

Building projects ground up is always a hit or miss proposition and it’s not hard to imagine that failure just…

My friends and I established a design agency in India that is run 100% remotely. This post is a preface for future pieces where we’ll dig deeper into remote management and scaling an agency business.

For the readers who let out a long sigh of despair at the sight of yet another article on “Remote Work”, let us remind them that there are still many teams and numerous companies who need to catch up on this idea. Having worked with some of them, we thought we should really get behind this and spread the gospel.

Non Zero is a design solutions consultancy and in its current form, it was established at the onset of the covid crisis when a remote operation wasn’t an option for our six-person team. Despite the crisis, the only way to…

Aman | Non Zero

A design mind tracing various experiments with friends and folks

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